Inspection Reports

From ProStar Geocorp

Inspection Reports are captured out in the field using the PointMan application on a tablet or phone. The information captured out in the field is immediately available for viewing in the TransparentEarth application. 
Users cannot capture Inspection Report information using TransparentEarth. Users can only view information that was captured out in the field using PointMan.The following is a list of Inspection Reports available:

  1. Pipe Tally Report
  2. Stringing Report
  3. Daily Weld Log
  4. Fabrication Weld Log
  5. Tie-In Inspection Report


 To view Inspection Report information:

  1. Open TransparentEarth.
  2. In the left side dashboard, click Inspections
    The list of Inspection Reports and eForms displays.
  3. Select one of the Reports listed above.
  4. Click the Search button (bottom left of screen). 
    All records for the report type selected will display in the results grid.
  5. View additional fields by clicking the Column Filter button and selecting the check box next to each field you want to see in the results grid.
  6. From the list of returned records (search results), you can to do all of the following:
    1. For Daily Weld Logs only: Double-click a line item and it will display on the map, highlighted.
    2. For Daily Weld Logs only: Click a record in the results grid, then click the MapIt button. The item will display on the map, highlighted.
    3. Use the general Drill Down Filter function to filter down to a meaningful record set or specific result: 
      Type in part of a value and the list of records will automatically filter towards any record that has all or part of your entry in it.
    4. Click the Export Visible Fields button to export the visible records with the visible set of columns into a CSV file.
    5. Click the Export All Fields button to export the visible records with all possible columns into a CSV file.
    6. Modify Records Per Page by selecting different values from the records per page drop-down list. You will see the following options: 10, 25, 50, 100, All. Selecting one of these items should display that many records.

Click the column title of any column to sort the contents ofthat column, first by A-Z, then by Z-A. (Ascending-to-Descending, thenDescending-to-Ascending).