Google Street View

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Use this tool see a street-level view of a location on the map, or to find directions to a specific location.



  1. Open Transparent Earth in a Chrome browser, and log into TransparentEarth
  2. Click the Google Maps for Work icon. 
    This activates the Google Maps for Work tool which displays the icons for:
    1. Google Street View
    2. Google Directions
    3. Google Maps Geocode
    4. Google Maps Reverse Geocode 
  3. Click the Google Street View icon. 
    The icon becomes active and the Street View and Directions map opens on top of the main map display.
  4. Find the desired location on the map, and zoom into it. 
  5. Drag the Google Street View icon  from the bottom right corner to the area you wish to see a street view picture. 
    A new window will open and show the street view image.
  6. In this view you can navigate around by either clicking the arrows in the center bottom of the map, or by clicking on the street to move the camera. 
  7. To return to the previous window, click the black arrow in the top left.   
  8. To use the Directions function in the Street View screen, select the 2 blue arrows . 
    This will open the Directions tab with  A and B (to and from) fields. 
  9. Enter a starting point in the A field and a destination in the B field. 
  10. Then click Get Directions
    The directions panel displays step-by-step directions under the search fields. 
    A blue line is also placed on the map connecting the A and B points. 
  11. To close the directions panel, click the blue arrows. 
  12. To close the street view map click the   in the top right corner.