Google Maps Reverse Geocode

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Use this tool identify an address of a location on the map.



  1. Open Transparent Earth in a Chrome browser, and log into TransparentEarth
  2. Click the Google Maps for Work icon. 
    TE Google Reverse Geocode 1.png
    This activates the Google Maps for Work tool which displays the icons in the top left corner of the main map display. 
  3. Click the Google Maps Reverse Geocode icon . 
    TE Google Reverse Geocode 2.png
    The icon becomes active and a light blue place mark will be added on the end of the cursor. 
    TE Google Reverse Geocode 3.png
  4. Click a location on the map. 
    A light blue place mark will be placed on the nearest address to the point clicked. 
    A bar will appear on the top of the map display showing the full address of the point clicked. 
  5. Hover over the point to see a small Street View picture and the address of the place mark. 
  6. Click on the place mark to see an info box with more advanced details of it and an expanded Street View picture. 
  7. Click Close to close the Info box. 
  8. Click on the Google Maps Reverse Geocode icon.   
    The icon will become ‘in-active’ and the light blue place mark will be removed from the end of the cursor.