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<article id="top"> Use this tool to search for a location on the map using an all or part of an address.



  1. Open Transparent Earth in a Chrome browser, and log into TransparentEarth. 
  2. Click the Google Maps for Work icon. 
    This activates the Google Maps for Work tool which displays the icons in the top left corner of the main map display. 
  3. Click the Google Maps Geocode icon. 
    TE Google Geocode 1.png
    The icon becomes active and the Google Maps Geocode search bar displays at the top of the map display.
    TE Google Geocode 2.png
  4. Type an address (all or part) into the search bar and click Go
    The user may be as specific or as vague as needed. The system will then display all locations that have that address. The first result will be automatically selected and highlighted (If there is only one result it will be automatically selected and the results box will not display). A details box will display below the results and will show details of the selected result. The system will also tag all the points on the map with this address using a light blue place mark. 
    TE Google Geocode 3.png
  5. You can narrow the search in two ways.
    1. Firs,t you can enter an address with more information in the format of Street Address, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country.
    2. Second you can use the drop-down on the right to access various filters. 
      These filters will help to narrow the search by Region, Street, State/County, Country, City, Postal Code and what can currently be seen on the map. Use these filters by filling them out as necessary before preforming a search then clicking Go.
  6. Select the City/State that the address you are trying to search is in by clicking on it form the results section. The system will take you to the place mark that corresponds to that City/State. If there is only one result the map will automatically zoom to the corresponding location and the results box will not display.
  7. Hover over the point to see a small Street View picture and the address of the place mark. 
    Use this to confirm that this place mark is if the address you want. 
    TE Google Geocode 4.png
  8. Click on the place mark to see more advanced details of it and an expanded Street View picture. 
    TE Google Geocode 5.png
  9. Click Close to close the Info box.
  10. Click the X to clear the search and its results.