Google Directions

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Use this tool to receive detailed directions to a specific location on the map.



  1. Open Transparent Earth in a Chrome browser, and log into TransparentEarth
  2. Click the Google Maps for Work icon. 
    This activates the Google Maps for Work tool which displays the icons in the top left corner of the main map display. 
  3. Click  the Google Maps Directions icon. 
    TE Google Directions 1.png
    The icon becomes active. 
  4. On the map, zoom into the specific location of your desired destination. 
  5. Right click the location, and select Directions to here
    The Street View and Directions map opens with a blue line connecting your starting and ending points, as well as a set of step by step directions on the left. 
    TE Google Directions 2.png
  6. To clear the directions, right click the map and select Clear directions. The directions panel will refresh and the blue line will disappear. 
    TE Google Directions 3.png
  7. To close the street view map, click the X in the top right corner.