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PointMan features a Latitude/Longitude search box in the menu. 

IMPORTANT: In the Settings page, users should disable the checkmark called "Start GPS on Placemark Creation" before searching a Latitude/Longitude value.


1. To access Go To, tap the Menu button on the top left of the main map display
PointMan Menu 1.png

2. On the menu, tap the Go To button to open the Go To dialog box.

PointMan Go To 1.png

3. The Lat/Lon values autofill with the user's current location. To change these values, simply tap in each box and erase them.

PointMan Go To 2.png

4. The Latitude/Longitude boxes will accept the following values in the following formats:

Decimal Degrees





34.243866 W

W 34.243866


Degrees Minutes Seconds

34° 14’ 37.92’’

34 14 37.92

-34° 14’ 37.92’’

W 34 14 37.92

W34 14 37.92

34° 14’ 37.92’’ W

5. Entering valid values into the two fields and then tapping the Go To button will center the map on that new locationNote: there are no crosshairs to visually show this, however, the map is centered at the given location.

PointMan Go To 3.png


6. Entering an invalid value will display the following error message:

PointMan Go To 4.png

7. IMPORTANT: Once the desired area has been searched and is centered on the map, the user can create points, lines or polygons in the exact location by tapping New and following the steps listed in This Link(add link).