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This section covers taking maps, forms and reports offline for use in the field. Note: This is currently only available to Transparent Earth users. Support is coming soon for local accounts.


  1. Tap the Menu icon
    PointMan Menu 1.png    
  2. Tap Go Offline
    The Go Offline dialog displays.
    PointMan Go Offline 1.png
  3. Select the check box next to the features, forms and map imagery that you want to download to the tablet for use while not connected to the internet. 
    • Select the appropriate Zoom level. Options are: Current, Current +1, and Current +2.   
  4. To save, close, and go offline, tap OK.   
  5. To exit without saving, and remain online, tap Cancel.   
  6. To manually go back online, tap the Menu icon, then Settings, then Go Online.  You will only be able to return to online status if you have cell or Wifi services.