Fuji Locate Tool Connection

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This section covers the connection from the Fuji Locate tool into PointMan. Note: The Bluetooth communication is active whenever the Fuji device is powered up.



  1. Change the Bluetooth settings in PointMan on the mobile device to enable Bluetooth communications.
    • Login to PointMan and follow the menu path > Settings > Devices > and click on the “Configure Bluetooth” button
  2. Make mobile device visible to Locate Tool
    • Click on “Only visible to paired devices”
  3. Search for the Bluetooth device
    • Click on “Search for Devices”
  4. Pair the Mobile Device with the Locate Tool
    • Select the device to pair
  5. Satisfy the device PIN request
    • Enter “1234” and select “OK”
  6. Change the default GPS setting in PointMan.
    • Access the menu to select the desired device in the list of values
  7. Change the default to the newly paired Locate Tool
    • Select the desired device from the list of values
  8. Exit the Setting Screen
    • Click on the “Settings” menu item in the top left of the screen
  9. Open Project
  10. Access the System/Component menu.
    • Click on the "New" button to access the System/Component menu
  11. Select a feature to record in the system.
    • Select "OK”
  12. Save the record in the system  
    • Press the “Depth” button on the locate tool
  13. Task Description: Save the record in the system  
    • Pull up the locate tool to the end of the extension
  14. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until the data collection for that object is completed.
    • After the last point has been logged, select “Finish” in PointMan.
  15. Double-Click on the return icon to logout.