Free vs. Pro Features

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This section covers the features available in the free version of PointMan as well as the Pro (paid subscription) version of PointMan. 

Note: When your subscription to the PointMan software expries, the user can still login. However, you will have limited functionality in the app. The user can quickly and easily re-activate their Pro subscription via buttons within the app. Once the subscription is re-activated, PointMan Pro features will be automatically enabled again.

Free Version Features

  • Local projects can be created and managed.
  • Basic attributes can be exported to the KMZ file.
    Free 2.png
  • GPS and EM locate tools that we support can be connected and used to capture data, however no data other than what is defined above will be exported in the free version.
  • Capture photos and sketches; and contain the markup and sticky note tools in the free version
  • Google Maps for Work, Bing and Open Street Maps basemaps are available in the free version.


Free Version Limitations

  • The only filetype supported for export is KMZ.
  • The user can COLLECT pedigree information via their connected GPS but it cannot export in the KMZ file. Only basic information (Lat, Lon, User etc) can be included in the KMZ
    Free 4.png
  • The user cannot export Shapefiles so the PRJ and EPSG code options are greyed out.
  • Send Project is limited to the Pro version.
    Free 5.png
  • EM locate tools can be paired via Bluetooth and capture depth etc but these attributes will be excluded from the KMZ. Only the rcvr type attribute will be included in the KMZ export from the locate tool.
  • Data Dictionary features can be created/edited but cannot be saved in the free version.
  • Locate eForm will not be available in the free version.
  • IMPORTANT: KMZ files are limited to 20 features in the free version. A warning message appears on export if KMZ is selected.

Pro Version Features

PointMan Pro includes all of the Free Version features plus:

  • Data Dictionary
  • Precision & Pedigree attributes
  • Export Project
  • Shapefile/PRJ, CSV & PDF Export
  • SHP & KMZ Import
  • Basic Locate PDF Form


When PointMan Expires

If your subscription to PointMan does expire, you still have the ability to login. However, you will only have limited functionality as defined above.

  • Any Pro feature displays an "Upgrade to Pro" button.
    Free 3.png
  • The user can tap on any of these buttons to be taken to the in-app store.
  • Once the user's subscription is renewed, all Pro features are automatically re-enabled.