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Use the Folder (also known as Drop Tools) function to associate points, lines or polygons to eachother. For example, you can associate as many forms or photos to a point, line or polygon as you would like. For exporting, all associated folder items can be sent together with the feature they were assigned to. This method is considered a "Parent/Child" relationship.

General Information

There are two methods to perform the assignments:

  1. Select an object and make the assignment automatically as new objects are created.
  2. Make the assignment of existing objects to a 'Parent' object.


  1. From the main map display, select the object that you wish to make the 'Parent'. (Tap a point, line, polygon or other object on the map). The feature is highlighted, the Selection dialog displays with that item highlighted, and a menu bar displays at the bottom of the screen.
    PointMan Folder 1.png
  2. Tap Folder
    The Folder dialogue box displays at the bottom of the screen, showing the selected object as the parent, and a tool bar. 
     PointMan Folder 2.png
    • Tapping New: creates a new object and automatically saves it as a child to the parent object.
    • Tapping Send: allows you to send the object information to an email recipient.
    • Tapping Details: opens the Details dialog and displays all information about that object.  
  3. To assign another object from the map as a 'Child' to that 'Parent' object: 
    • Tap the other object you wish to assign to the parent, and a label displays.
    • Tap that label and drag it into the Folder dialog box.  
      PointMan Folder 3.png
    • That item will display in the Folder dialog box as a child to the parent object
      PointMan Folder 4.png
    • Repeat for all objects that you wish to assign to the parent.
  4. To automatically assign new objects as they are created: 
    • With the parent Folder dialog box open:
    • Select New (lower menu bar). The New Place Mark dialog box displays.
    • Select System and Component values as appropriate.
    • Select OK to create the object. 
      This will result in the object assignment at the end of the creation process.  
  5. Once an object is in the Folder, you have the following options
    PointMan Folder 5.png
    • Tap New to automatically assign new objects as they are created. See steps 4a-4c above.
    • Tap Send to attach the selected object to an e-mail. See instructions on Sending Objects via e-mail.
    • Tap Undrop to remove an item from the folder.
    • Tap Details to view and edit the details of an object. 
      • Tap the file link to open the object for further editing.
      • Tap Edit to open the object details dialog and edit the Type, add a comment, and other details, depending upon the object type.
      • Tap Close to close the detail dialog box.
      • Tap Send to attach the object file to an e-mail.
  6. To exit the Folder, select the “X” in the Drop Tools header.   
  7. Tap the "X" in the Selection header. 
    You will return to the map view.