Feature Lock

From ProStar Geocorp


This section covers the Feature Lock tool in PointMan. Note: This feature is available in the Pro and Free version of PointMan and can be used with Data Dictionary features as well.


1. To activate Feature Lock, tap the menu PointMan Menu 1.png  button on the top left corner of the PointMan screen

2. Tap Settings.

Under the Map section, check the box labeled Show Feature Lock option on new placemark.

3. Tap Close.

4. Tap New in the upper right corner of the PointMan screen

Note: Feature Lock only works with Point features

5. Tap the Feature Lock button so that it is highlighted orange

5. Select System and Component values and tap OK.

6. While the Lock button is highlighted orange, PointMan will continue to repeat the same locate.


7. Tap GPS to bring accuracy into your locate.

8. Tap Add to capture the point. Note: If feature lock is activated, the above screen will appear again. To cancel Feature Lock, Tap the 'Cancel' button.