Editing Existing Operations Maintinence Forms

From ProStar Geocorp
  1. Locate the Form you wish to edit. 
    See the topic on Searching for Operation Maintenance Forms. 
    a.From the Search results grid, select the record, then click the Edit Maintenance Report button to open the Report Dialog box. 
    b.Or, with the Operation Maintenance tool bar activated, locate the Form on the map, click the View/Edit Forms icon , then click the specific Form point on the map. 
    c.Or, from the My Notifications window, click the applicable row, then click View.
  2. Once you have located the Form and have opened it, click each tab at the top of the dialog box to open the Section for edit. 
  3. As you edit each section, click Save to save your edits and move to the next section.
  4. When each section tab is complete, click Save.
  5. Click Yes  at the first confirmation prompt.
  6. Click OK at the second confirmation prompt.
  7. Click Close to close the Form dialog box.