EOS Tools Pro Connection

From ProStar Geocorp

Using the EOS Tools Pro application allows users to have a comprehensive view of the Satellite system being used to collect precise GIS data. NOTE: This must be downloaded separately via the Google Play Store. Upcoming releases of PointMan will not require EOS Tools Pro to be used.
PointMan EOS 1.png


  1. Download EOS Tools Pro from the Google Play Store on your tablet or phone

The EOS Tools Pro application will download to your device. 

  1. Once installed, tap the EOS Tools icon to start the application. 
  2. Connect to the BlueStar GPS receiver and configure the EOS application.
    1.  Turn the BlueStar GPS on by holding the power button until lights come on
    2. Log into the PointMan app using your credentials.
    3. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
    4. Tap Settings.
    5. Under “Devices” tap the “Configure Bluetooth” button.
    6. Turn the Bluetooth switch On if it is off.
    7. From the Available Devices section, tap the BlueStar GPS device to pair your devices. The pair code should be "0000" or "1234"
    8. Once paired, press the back (return) button on the mobile device to return to the PointMan app.
    9. In PointMan, in the Settings screen, in the Devices section, tap the GPS drop-down menu and select “BlueStar GPS”.  
      Note: Make sure you select the generic option that has no numbers with it. 

Configure the EOS application

  1. Press the Home button on your mobile device, and tap the EOS Tools Pro icon to re-enter the EOS Tools Pro app.
  2. Tap the three dots '...' in the upper right corner to access the Menu.
  3. Tap “'Auto Start GPS" and then tap "'Enable Mock Location”. This will require you to close and restart the EOS Tools Pro app
  4. In Android Settings, enable developer options by tapping on "Build Number" 7 times in "About Device"
  5. In developer options, set the "Mock Locations Default App" to EOS Tools Pro
  6. Close Android Settings and open the EOS Tools app, tap the three dots '...' in the upper right corner to access the Menu.
  7. Tap Settings.
    IMPORTANT: If you need to ellipsoidal heights during collection, leave settings as they are configured by default. However, if you need to use Orthometric Heights, slide the Orthometric slider over and download GEOID12B. Once it's downloaded, you can select it from the EOS Tools Pro settings menu. There is a height difference of approximately 70-100 feet between Elliposoidal and Orthometric. Make sure you use the one you need.
  8. Tap “Select GPS Device” and select the BlueStar GPS you paired with in step 2h.
  9. Tap the three dots '...' in the upper right corner to access the Menu.
  10. Tap “Start GPS”.
  11. Wait up to 30 seconds and the POSITION tab on the EOS app will begin displaying data. 

    Note: the GPS receiver will likely need to be outside to actually receive GPS data. 
  12. If VRS/CORS/RTK survey grade accuracy is needed, tap the Differential button at the bottom once data appears in the POSITION tab.
  13. Enter your credentials for the VRS/CORS network. NOTE: credentials are case-sensitive and must be exact
  14. Select the desired mount point and then tap OK.

Connect to the Pipe Locator

  1. Log into the PointMan app using your credentials.
  2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Under “Devices” tap the “Configure Bluetooth” button.
  5. Turn the Bluetooth switch On if it is off.
  6. Tap the area around the Bluetooth button to show the Bluetooth menu.
  7. Tap “Scan” in the upper right corner of the screen and connect to the Locator Tool you are using. (If prompted for a PIN, try 0000.)
  8. Press the back (return) button on your mobile device to return to the PointMan app.
  9. Inside “Devices” tap the Locator drop-down menu and select your locate tool.
  10. Tap the Locator type drop-down menu and select the type that corresponds to your Locate tool.

​​NOTE: The EOS Tools Pro app is sending data to PointMan, and it is displaying additional details about the satellite constellation connected to your GPS receiver and some additional tools to use.