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This section outlines the use and workflow of the Data Dictionary toolset in PointMan. This version is for users who do not have a Transparent Earth desktop license. Note: In the free version of PointMan, Data Dictionary will not allow the user to save custom features. This functionality is included in PointMan Pro (paid version). Data Dictionary requires PointMan or higher.

Accessing Data Dictionary

1. Login to or create a local PointMan account. 

2. Create a new local project or open an existing project.

3. From the main map display, tap the 'M'enu icon on the top left corner of the screen.

4. Tap the Settings button on the menu.

5. Under the Data Dictionary section, tap Edit as seen below

PointMan DD 1.png


Creating New Features

1. To create a new feature, tap the New button on the top right corner of the screen.

PointMan DD 2.png

2. To create a new System (water/gas/electric), tap the + symbol and type in the desired system name.

PointMan DD 3.png

3. Change the color by tapping the Color pickbox.

4. Tap OK to save.

3. To create a new Component (pipe/sprinkler etc), select the system you wish to use from the dropdown and type the name of the component into the text field.

4. Select the 'G'eometry from the dropdown list. The choices are Point, Line and Poly.

5. If the user desires to add custom attribute fields to the feature, in the User Fields section, tap New.
PointMan DD 4.png

6. In the Name field, type the desired attribute name (e.g Diameter).

7. In the Type field, pick from the dropdown list. If there are multiple values, we recommend pick list. Remember, this can be edited/updated/deleted at any time.

8. In the Default field, select how you would like the attribute to display. last saved value is usually the most often used.

9. If pick list was chosen, type one value for each line.

10. Tap OK to save.

11. The user may add as many attributes as necessary.

12. When finished, tap OK to save the new feature. Note, in the free version of PointMan, this OK button will not function. You must upgrade to PointMan Pro to use Data Dictionary.

Editing/Deleting Features

1. To edit or delete an existing feature, enter the Data Dictionary menu from the Settings window in PointMan.

2. Tap on the feature you wish to edit or delete. 5 buttons appear at the top of the screen

3. To edit a feature, tap the Edit button, make any necessary changes and tap OK to save.

4. To delete a feature, tap the feature in the list and then tap DeleteNote: This is not reversable. You will need to recreate that feature in the future.

5. To move a feature up or down the list, tap the feature and then tap the up arrow or down arrow.

Collecting Data Dictionary Features in the Field

1. On the top right corner of the main map window, tap the New button.

2. Select the System and Component from the dropdown lists.

3. Select or enter any applicable attribute fields as seen below

PointMan DD 5.png

4. Perform the locate as normal. The locate process is outlined in another chapter of the Pointman wiki