Creating eForms

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This section covers how to create eForms in PointMan

eForms can be created in PointMan and viewed/edited in TransparentEarth, and eForms can be created in TransparentEarth and be viewed/edited in PointMan. 

  1. From within TransparentEarth, turn on the PointMan Points Layer: 
    a.Open the Layers Control panel. 
    b.Click Field Data Collection
    c.Select the check box for PointMan Points
    Any existing points that have already been created will display. If no points have already been created in TE or PM, selecting this layer will enable you to see the new points you create. 
    Or, locate the Locate, PAP or other eForm layer and enable that layer on the map.
  2. Zoom into the area of interest (the area in which you want to place a point).
  3. Click the Activate PointMan icon. 
  4. The PointMan toolset icons display in the upper left corner of the map. 
  5. Three (3) icons display:

PointMan Selection Mode
Allows users to select a feature (point, line, polygon, eForm) on the map and open the Selection panel, which in turn enables the Drop Tools  panel which allows users to group features into a single related Folder.

PointMan New Mode
Allows users to create new features (points, lines, polygons, eForms) on the map.

View Pedigree Information
Allows users to view location details for points, lines, polygons, and eForms created using some form of GPS services (GPS device, or Location Services on the tablet).


Creating an eForm within Transparent Earth

  1. Click the PointMan New Mode icon.
  2. Click the map at the specific point you want place your new point. 
    The New Place Mark dialog box displays. 
  3. From the System drop-down list, select Form.
  4. From the Component drop-down list, select Document.
  5. Click OK
    A list of eForms displays. 
  6. Click one of the eForms, then OK
    NOTE: each client will have a separate and specific set of eForms.
  7. A blank eForm displays in a dialog box within the current TE environment. 
  8. Enter information in the eForm as necessary.
  9. Once you have completed the form, click Save
    The eForm saves and the dialog box closes. 
    In addition, a point displays on the map at the point you created the eForm. However, you must have the applicable Layer activated in order for it to display.
  10. To view the eForm you just created
     Click the View Attribute Information icon, then click on the point you just created. 
    The Info box displays all information as entered into the eForm, and three options: NotifyMoveDelete


To send a notification to a PointMan account

  1. From the Info box, click the Notify button. 
  2. Select a name in the To field,  type a Subject, and type a Note
  3. Click OK
    Notifications will display in PointMan in the users account to whom you sent the Notification to.


To move a point

  1. From the Info box, click the Move button. 
  2. The map displays with the point highlighted.
  3. Click the Map to move the point to the new location.
  4. Click Save (lower right corner). 
    The point is moved to the new location on the map.


To view and edit the eForm

  1. From the Info box, scroll to the bottom of the Info box. 
  2. Click the View eForm button. 
    The eForm opens in dialog box inside the current TE window, with the following options: DownloadEditClose.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Complete the edits, then click Save.


To download the eForm:

  1. From the Info box, click View eForm button at the bottom of the dialog box. 
    The eForm opens in dialog box inside the current TE window, with the following options: DownloadEditClose.
  2. Click Download
    The system opens a dialog box to browse to a specific location that you wish to save the eForm to.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, browse in the system file explorer to the location you saved the file and open the PDF using your preferred PDF viewer (Adobe or most internet browsers). 
    Note: Editing the eForm after downloading it is not possible, it must be edited inside either Transparent Earth or PointMan.
  4. After Downloading the eForm, go back to TE and close the eForm dialog box and the info dialog box.


To delete an eForm:

  1. Open the applicable eForm.
  2. Click the point on the map to open the Info box.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click OK at the confirmation. 
    The point is deleted. The eForm should no longer show up in the search results list. And, the point should no longer show up in PointMan.