Creating and Editing eForms

From ProStar Geocorp

This section covers the procedure for creating an eForm with a point reference onthe map. It also describes the process for editing the eForm after saving it, editing the details of the form, and moving the form-point to a different location on the map.


  1. From the main map display, tap the New button in the upper right corner. 
    The New Place Mark dialog displays.   
  2. Select System: Form   
  3. Select Component: Document   
  4. Tap OK
    The Open Form list displays.   
  5. Select the applicable eForm, and then click OK
    The eForm displays.
  6. Enter all applicable information.
    1. Enter text in applicable text fields. You can use the voice-to-text tools.
    2. Select check boxes and radio buttons.
    3. Add a sketch to the Sketch page by tapping the Sketch icon. Click here for information about Sketches
    4. Add a photo to the Photo page by tapping the Photo icon. Click here for information about Photos
  7. When complete, tap Close (upper right corner), then Save (lower right corner). The form closes, the point for the new form is highlighted on the map, and a tool bar displays at the bottom of the screen:     
    PointMan Create eForm 1.png
  8. To complete the process and return to the main map view, tap Close
  9. To access Folder, tap Folder. See Folders for instructions.  
    The Folder dialog displays with the eForm as a point in the list.   
  10. To move the point to which the eForm is related, tap Move.
    1. Tap Move.
    2. Tap GPS to move it to your current location.
    3. Or, tap on the map to move it to a specific point on the map.
    4. Tap Save.
  11. To access the eForm file details, tap Details
    The eForm details dialog displays the following file information: Type, Form, Comment, User, Created, Device, Lat/Log coordinates. 
    1. Tap Edit to edit the Type and add a Comment.
    2. Then tap OK to save, or Close to exit without saving.
  12.   To edit the PDF, tap Details, then tap Edit.  
  13. In the dialog box, tap the pdf link. 
    The eForm PDF opens.
  14. Make all applicable edits.   
  15. Tap Close, then Save
  16.   Tap Close to complete the process and return to the main map view.