Creating a Weld Report

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This section covers how to create a Weld Report in PointMan


NOTE: MUST have created Pipe Tally and Stringing Reports first.

  1. Log into PM:
  2. Prod2\YourUserName
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Tap Sign In.
  5. Tap Menu button.
  6. Tap Search.
  7. First dialog box: select Weld Report.
  8. Third dialog box: select Inspector, then enter the Inspector Name.
  9. Fourth dialog box: select WPS Number:
  10. Enter the WPS Number in the WPS Number field.
  11. Tap Search
    A list of lines display that have the Inspector, Date and WPS Number values as entered above. 
    To sort by a specific column, tap that column title to sort in one direction, then tap again to sort opposite.
  12. To create a NEW line, tap New
    The map opens, with a menu at the bottom.

      Or, to modify an existing line, tap the applicable line, then tap Edit.

  1. Tap Save to create a point on the map. Make sure the GPS button is highlighted orange
    A point is created and an empty Weld Report displays.
  2. Fill out the Weld Report page.
  3. Tap Save (upper right corner).