Creating a Stringing Report

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This section covers how to create a Stringing Report in PointMan


  1. Log into PM:
  2. Prod2\YourUserName
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Tap Sign In.
  5. Tap Menu button.
  6. Tap Search.
  7. First dialog box: select Stringing Report.
  8. Second dialog box: select Date, and then enter the appropriate date.
  9. Third dialog box: select Inspector, then enter the Inspector Name.
  10. Tap Search
    A list of Stringing lines display. 
    To sort by a specific column, tap that column title to sort in one direction, then tap again to sort opposite.
  11. Tap the line you want to complete.
  12. Tap Edit.
  13. Fill out the Stringing Report page information.
  14. Tap Save (upper right corner).