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= '''Overview''' =
This section covers creating a point feature in PointMan
This section covers creating a point feature in PointMan

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This section covers creating a point feature in PointMan


  1. From the main map display, tap the New button (upper right corner). The New Placemark dialog box displays. 
  2. Select the applicable System from the drop-down menu. Each system automatically has a color code associated with it so that when the object is logged, it displays in the correct color designation. Selecting a System filters the list of Components available so that only those appropriate for that particular system are available for selection.   
  3. Select the Component: PointPoint Feature, or Other Point.   
  4. Tap OK. If GPS is enabled, a message temporarily appears on the screen: 'Obtaining GPS fix' and a blinking point displays on the map. 
    The lower menu bar displays:  
      PointMan Point 1.png
    • Tap Cancel to cancel the point creation process.
    • Tap GPS to turn the GPS location services on or off. Black is off. Orange is on.
    • Tap Save to complete the point creation process.  

      Note: if you have the setting, "Show As-Built settings on move" selected on the Settings page, you will be prompted for the following As-Built information after you select the System and Component options: Method As-Built or As-Found), Quality Level, and Antenna.  
  5. Select Save. 
    The system records the point on the map and opens the Selection dialog box and tool bar.    
    PointMan Point 2.png
    Note: when using a locate tool to collect data, the Save function is triggered automatically from the locate tool. On the Vivax Metrotech tool this is triggered by using the “I” button and then the “+” button to trigger the Save. On the Fuji Telcom tool, this is done when a depth reading is performed (both steps of the depth function).   
  6. To complete the process, tap the X button to close the Selection dialog box.   
  7. To access the drop-tools folder, tap Folder. See Folders for instructions. The Folder dialog displays with the Point in the list.   
  8. To move the point to a different location on the map, tap Move
    • Tap Move.
    • Tap GPS to move it to your current location.
    • Or, tap on the map to move it to a specific point on the map.
    • Tap Save.
  9. To see Details of the point  and access the point  file details, tap Details. The point details dialog displays the following file information: Type, Comment, User, Created, Device, Lat/Log coordinates. 
    • Tap Edit to edit the Type and add a Comment.
    • Then tap OK so save, or cancel to exit without saving.