Creating a Patrol Observation

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This section covers how to create a patrol observation in PointMan


  1. You must first have started the Patrol Process.


Creating an Observation

  1. To create an Observation record while on your patrol, tap the New button (lower right corner).
  2. In the New Observation dialog, select the applicable values from the drop-down lists:


  1. Critical
  2. Urgent
  3. Routine


  1. Leak
  2. Geology
  3. Activity

c.Sub-Category (if applicable) 
Depending upon the Category selected, select the applicable sub-category.


  1. Phone: selecting this option displays the phone number of the personnel flagged as Responder or Supervisor in the TE Responsibility Area for this Segment.
  2. Email: selecting this option will send an automatic email notification to all personnel flagged as Responder and Supervisor in the TE Responsibility Area for this Segment.

e.Description: tap into the field to type, or tap into the field and tap the microphone button to enable voice-to-text functions.

f.Tap OK to close the Description dialog.

g.Tap OK to close and save the Observation. 
The map will display, and your flashing location point will continue to follow you as you move along the Patrol route.