Creating a Missing Section

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This section covers how to create a missing patrol section in PointMan


  1. You must first have started the Patrol Process


Accounting for a Missing Section

  1. Tap Start to start the Patrol.
  2. Tapping the Pause button allows you to continue your patrol but will not track your path, and will not take points along that path. 
    This is how you create 'Missing Sections' or 'Patrol Gaps'
    When you Pause and continue moving, that section of the Patrol corridor will be flagged as a 'Missing Section' in the Patrol Report. All Missing Sections will need to be closed through the TransparentEarth application.
  3. To continue tracking your patrol path, tap the Resume button. 
    The point will reappear and move with you, and the blue line will trace your path.
  4. To complete and save the Patrol, tap the End button.
  5. Tap OK to save and close the patrol. 
    Or, tap Cancel to return to the patrol and continue the patrol path. 
    Once you save and close, the patrol route is saved and all "Complete", "Patrol Gaps", and "Observations" are saved to the Patrol System and available for review and action in the TransparentEarth application.