Creating a Locate Form

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This section covers the creation of a Locate eForm in PointMan.



  1. Create a locate eForm 
    Note: due to limitations on creating a sketch in the form, the view that is desired in the sketch must be in the background when you initiate the form function.
    1. Select New
    2. Select:
      • System = Form
      • Component = Document   
    3. Select OK
    4. Select the Locate Form. For Transparent Earth Users: Select the form with the title that contains the One Call Ticket Number in it.  For non-Transparent Earth Users: Select the Locate Form.
    5. Select OK 
      The Locate Form opens ready for input by the user. Note that certain elements of this form are intended to be auto-populated from the information contained in the One Call ticket. 
  2. Locate form general information: Complete the entries in the form relating to the one-call ticket information, the locate details and the results of the locate. 
  3. Locate Sketches: Take a screenshot of the map area and save it into the form as a Sketch.
    1. Select the blank space for the photo in the Sketches section. by tapping Add Sketch.
    2. Select Insert Map. 
      A screenshot of the current map will be placed in the Locate Sketches section.
      1. If desired, complete markups on the map sketch. 
        For instructions marking up sketches, see Photos(add link) and  Mark Up Tools(add link) help topics. 
  4. Repeat steps 3a-3c in the second Sketch field on the Sketches page. 
  5. Tap inside the Sketch Notes field to add any notes for the sketch. 
  6. Locate form Photos (page 4): Take a photo and save it into the form.

Select the blank space for a Photo by tapping Add Photo.

  1. Select Take Photo.  
    The tablet camera is activated. 
  2. Point the camera at the photo subject, and tap Photo (bottom right of screen). 
    For instructions marking up Photos, see Photos and Mark Up Tools help topics. 
  3. Tap inside the Photo Notes field to add any notes related to the Photo(s). 
  4. Review the form prior to closing it to ensure accuracy of the information, then select Close
    Note: You will be returned to the main map display, and your eForm will be saved as a point on the screen. 
  5. To review the eForm, see the Creating and Editing eForms(add link) topic.