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  1. From within TransparentEarth, turn on the PointMan Points Layer: 
    a. Open the Layers Control panel. 
    b. Click Field Data Collection
    c. Select the check box for PointMan Points. Any existing points that have already been created will display. If no points have already been created in TE or PM, selecting this layer will enable you to see the new points you create.
  2. Zoom into the area of interest (the area in which you want to place a point).
  3. Click the Activate PointMan icon. 
  4. The PointMan toolset icons display in the upper left corner of the map. 
    Three (3) icons display: 


PointMan Selection Mode:

Allows users to select a feature (point, line, polygon, eForm) on the map andopen the Selection panel, which in turn enables the Drop Tools  panelwhich allows users to group features into a single related Folder.


PointMan New Mode

Allows users to create new features (points, lines, polygons, eForms) on themap.


View Pedigree Information

Allows users to view location details for points, lines, polygons, and eFormscreated using some form of GPS services (GPS device, or Location Services onthe tablet).


To create a new Point on the map:

  1. Click the PointMan New Mode icon.
  2. Click the map at the specific point you wantplace your new point. The New Place Mark dialog box displays. 
  3. From the System drop-down list, select the applicable System.
  4. Each system automatically has a color code associated with it so that when theobject is logged, it displays in the correct color designation. The System drop down filters the list of available components that areappropriate for that particular system.
  5. From the 'Component drop-down list, select the ComponentPointPoint Feature, or Other'Point (must be one of the point type options). A point is placed on the map at the location you selected (clicked). The point displays on the map.

To view details about the point you just created:

Click the View Attribute Information icon to activate it, then click on a specific point. The Info dialog box for that point displays details about that point. In addition, 3 buttons should display: Move, Notify, Delete.


To send a notification to a PointMan account:

  1. From the Info box, click the Notifybutton. 
  2. Select a name in the To field, type a Subject,and type a Note
  3. Click OK.


To move a point to a new location on the map:

  1. From the Info box, click the Movebutton. The point becomes highlighted with a blue line.
  2. Click elsewhere on the map. The point displays at the new location.
  3. Click Save (bottom right corner of map). The point will move to the new location.

To delete a Point:

  1. With the Info icon active, click thepoint on the map.
  2. From the Info box, click Delete.
  3. Click OK at the confirmation. The point is deleted. The point will no longer show up in the search resultslist. And, the point should no longer show up in PointMan.