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  1. From within TransparentEarth, select the My Calendar & Reminders item from the left side dashboard. 
    The system displays the Event Calendar: 
  2. On the calendar, press the Control key on your keyboard and click your mouse at the time you want to place your event. 
    The event is created for a 1-hour duration and placed on the calendar: 
  3. Select the event by clicking the header of the event. 
    The Event Properties dashboard displays to the left of the calendar. 
  4. Enter a meaningful title to your event in the Summary section of the Calendar Dashboard, then click Update, and OK at the confirmation prompt. 
  5. To move the event to a different day or time, click the header of the event and drag it to the applicable date and time. 
    OR, you can modify the date and time in the Calendar Dashboard, to the left of the calendar. 
    Click Update when complete, then OK at the confirmation prompt. 
  6. To delete the event, select the event on the calendar and then click the Delete button. Then, click Delete in the confirmation prompt.
  7. To share an event, select the event, then click the Share link in the properties dialog. 
    The Share Event dialog box displays: 
  8. Select the Groups/Users in the “Share Event” dialogue box and then click Share
    A confirmation message will display.
  9. Click OK
    The user selected will now have this event shared with them in their calendar.
  10. To close the Calendar, click the close button