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This section outlines how CDOT vendors can get onto the PointMan project environment. NOTE: You need to assigned a username and password from CDOT in order to login to the CDOT PointMan Cloud. You can obtain a CDOT login from 


1. Download PointMan from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your device. It is recommended to have at least iOS 12 and Android 9

2. Once installed, open PointMan and accept the permission requests:

- On Android, accept ALL 4 permission requests. PointMan won't function correctly without all being accepted

- On iOS, select the "Allow While Using the App" option

3. Tap Sign into Transparent Earth. Note: Do Not tap Create Account.

4. Select Prod7 as the server

5. Enter the username and password you were provided by CDOT and tap Sign In. You should see CDOT as a project. Tap on it to enter the main map display. From here, use the PointMan section of this wiki for how-to's on collecting data or view our ProStar Geocorp YouTube channel where you can find videos on how to collect data and pair tools such as GPS and Pipe Locators:

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