BlueStar RTK GPS Integration

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This section covers pairing the BlueStar RTK with PointMan. If you have any questions, call (970)683-5530 for assistance. 



1.Launch the PointMan application on your mobile device

2.Launch EOS Tools Pro on your mobile device

3.Power on the BlueStar RTK unit and point the antenna up towards the sky to begin acquring satellites.

4.On the Android Bluetooth page, connect to the BlueStar RTK unit

5.On the EOS Tools Pro app, tap the upper right corner button (three dots) and then tap Enable Mock Locations

6. Go to Android settings, and tap 7 times on the About button to enable developer options.

7. In developer options, make sure that the Mock Locations app is EOS Tools Pro. You may need to uninstall Trimble apps because lock other apps out from being able to be used.

8. In EOS Tools app, tap the upper right corner (three dots) and then tap Select GPS Device. Select the RTK unit you are paired to (this will have numbers on the end of the BlueStar name).

9.In the EOS Tools app, tap the upper right corner (three dots) and than tap the Start GPS button

10.Wait until you see location data on the POSITION tab in EOS Tools Pro

11.On the bottom of the EOS Tools Pro app, tap the Differential button and login to your RTK network

12.Once you are authenticated, verify the information on the RTK STATUS tab on EOS Tools Pro. You should have more than just GPS satellites. If you only have GPS satellites, mock locations are not configured correctly.

13.Open PointMan and tap the menu button on the top left of the screen

14.Tap Settings

15.Under the Device section, tap the GPS dropdown and select BlueStar GPS (no numbers on this one)

16.Specify the antenna height

17.Tap Close in the top right corner of the settings page

Steps to capture data with PointMan

1.Tap New on the upper right corner of the PointMan screen

2.Select the feature you wish to capture

3.Begin capturing

4. Tap Finish when done capturing lines or polygons

Steps to export data from PointMan to CAD/ESRI

1.When finished with your project, tap the menu button on the top left of the PointMan screen

2.Tap Send Project

3.Select the filetypes you wish to export

4.If you selected Shapefiles, tap the Options button at the top of the export window in PointMan

5.Enable the checkbox to include PRJ file

6.Select the SAME projection you captured the data in. This will be a number and will be the CRS(coordinate reference system) that your local RTK network is using.

7.Tap Ok

8.Use either the email or Google Drive option to send with and specify a recipient.

9.Upon receipt of the data, you should see the Shapefile as well as the PRJ file. 

10.You can import this set of files into CAD the way you normally import shapefiles