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The As-Built functionality available in PointMan allows users to capture As-Built information for all line, points, polygons captured within PointMan.

Enabling As-Built functionality and Creating As-Built Data

  1. Launch and log into PointMan   
  2. From the main map display, tap the Menu button (upper left). 
    The Menu window displays. 
  3. Scroll to the Map section.   
  4. Select the "Show As-Built Settings on Move" check box.     
    PointMan AB 1.png
  5. Tap the Close button (upper right corner).   
  6. Tap New (upper right corner) to begin the process of capturing a point, line, polygon, etc. For general instructions on creating these features, see the New Place Mark topic.   
  7. Select the System and Component that you want to create (line, point, polygon, etc...). 
  8. Tap OK
    The Pedigree Settings window displays: 
    PointMan AB 2.png 
  9. Select the Method:
    • As-Built:
    • As-Found
  10. Select the Quality Level:
    • QLA
    • QLB
    • QLC
    • QLD
  11. Tap Close
  12. Complete the process for creating your point, line or polygon: tap Save when complete. 
  13. Tap Close (bottom left).
  14. To view this information in PointMan:
    1. Tap to select the feature (point, line, polygon) on the PointMan map. The feature selected displays in the Selection window.  
    2. Tap Details (bottom of the screen). The Details of that feature display, with the MethodQuality LevelAccur LevelAntenna details. The same information is available in TransparentEarth. 
      PointMan AB 3.png  
  15. Tap Close to close the Details screen.